Southern New England's first choice in goaltender training for over 25 years

Rhode Island's first choice in specialized goaltender training for over 25 years


Are you prepared to stop the shot?

From Mites to the College Level, the DLB Goalie Academy Will Get You Ready!!!

A Little Inspiration???

The coaches of DLB Goalie Academy will teach you goaltending fundamentals, basic conditioning and the all important "Mental" Game...

A Little Motivation???

~ Our 85 mph puck machine will test your skills at every session. 
~ Coach Joe Tommasiello may wear full goalie equipment and demonstrate proper techniques. 
~ We are Rhode Island's largest goalie clinic - operating 6 months a year. 
~ You will face live shooters at various levels to sharpen your reaction skills. 
~ Personalized clinics available to organizations and teams.

A Little Bit of Reality!!!

Enroll in the upcoming clinics now... Space is limited and fills up fast!!!

Need more information

Call: 423-DLB-PUCK **(423) 352-7825** 
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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Hurry! Don't let your child fall behind.