Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Connecticut's first choice in goalie training camps for over 25 years

Southern New England's first choice in specialized goaltender training camps and clinics

 Did you know your favorite NHL goalies go to goalie camps to work on fundamentals all the time and that they have special coaches that work with them every day on their basic movements and angles?


We offer 25 Hours of On Ice Specialized Training for Goalies.  4 to 6 Stations for specialized skill development.  Hundreds of shots per night.  The clinic spans over weeks not days so that what your goalie learns will not be forgotten.

Are you prepared to stop the shot?

From Beginner to the College Level, the DLB Goalie Academy Camps and Clinics Will Get You Ready!!!

Today's goaltenders need specific training to be effective???

Today's game is about so much more than being big.  You need to be trained properly to execute technically sound movements leaving no holes and therefore eliminating scoring chances via proper save selection, techniques and angles.  You must be able to read a shooter's body language and you must be able to assess the situation in front of you accurately and timely.  These things all must be worked on with specific training techniques and drills that are meant to maximize your development as quickly as possible.  There are goalies that make it into the NHL today with horrible technique, they don't last long.  The goalies that play at the upper levels and stay there are technically sound and worked hard to obtain that skill and speed.

What makes us stand out from other goalie camps and clinics???

  • Stations!  Each station is designed to help goalies acquire a unique skill set.  Goalies are sorted into groups by skill level.
  • Our 85 mph puck machine will test your skills at every session. 

  • Repetition, you will get hundreds of repetitions in movements and save executions until they are perfected.  If you do it incorrectly we will stop you and immediately correct your form and technique.

  • The only way to get better and to master anything is through repetitive practice

  • Coach Joe may wear full goalie equipment and demonstrate proper techniques and basic movements necessary to play like the pros. 

  • We have trained more Rhode Island goalies than any other clinic in Rhode Island over our 25 year history.

  • You will face live shooters at various levels to sharpen your puck reading and situational skills. 

  • Personalized clinics available to organizations, teams and individuals.

Hurry Space is limited!  Don't let your child fall behind.

Enroll in the upcoming clinics now... Space is limited and fills up fast!!!

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Thursday, October 19, 2017

Hurry! Don't let your child fall behind. Space is limited.

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